We Guide, You Decide

We provide clear guidelines, recipes, support, and many resources for preparing and eating whole, nutrient-rich food but there’s lots of flexibility to decide what’s right for you.

Easy, Delicious Recipes

This is not about deprivation or drinking juices all day – it’s about nutritious, real food. Choose from dozens of easy, delicious recipes. Whether you are a vegan, vegetarian, pescaterian or omnivore, we’ve got you covered. All of our recipes are gluten and dairy free. 

Flexible Meal Plans

Get inspired by our sample meal plans or customize your own. Our Meal Plan Maker makes it easy to select recipes you like and print out shopping lists.  


If life is busy, we recommend these convenient shortcuts for 2 out of 3 meals each day.

Clean Smoothies

Protein smoothies filled with fruits and veggies are a healthy and easy breakfast. We’ll show you how to whip one up in minutes.

Grab a copy of our free Smoothie e-Book for some great tips and recipes.


 Gourmet Soups

We’ve partnered with California Homemades to bring you truly delicious, healthy soups shipped flash frozen to your door.  These are a great optional shortcut for lunch or dinner. Less that $6 per 12 ounce bowl.

See Soups

I am down 13 lbs and no more bloating! My joints feel better too. For the first time in my life, I am not stressed about what I can and cannot eat. I am so privileged to have learned about this program…

Kim C.
Read Kim's letter to us

I learned about this program at a crucial time in my life. I recently had a serious medical scare and was recovering at a slow pace.  During all my recovery time I was in search for a “miracle pill”. I was searching the internet looking for the “new ” weight loss gimmick. I am so privileged to have learned about this program from a family member.  I said “what the heck, it can’t hurt” (except that I hate vegetables…but not anymore)! I looked into it and gave it my best. I have tried every diet program out there, and was always successful during the program, but after the program was over, I always found myself reverting back to my old ways.  Unlike other programs out there, this program does not talk about weight loss, but rather talks about healthy choices and balancing your nutrition and life. For the first time in my life, I am not stressed about what I can and cannot eat. I’ve tried many of the recipes they provided and I am not even a cook! They are quick and easy, and taste great!  I am still using the recipes to this day and I feel truly amazing.  The constant support from the staff was very helpful. I loved the weekly conference calls with the dietitians.  After completing this program, I am happy to say that I am down 13 lbs and no more bloating!  My joints feel better too. I would recommend this “process” to everyone. You can’t say you don’t have time because you deserve to take care of yourself. I challenge all my friends to do this for themselves.


This program was fabulous–easy to follow, flexible, accessible. I loved the recipes and support from the team. The biggest surprise to me that was about a week and a half in I realized my mood was so much better. I definitely recommend this program to anyone looking for a reboot.

Sharon B.

We just finished the 3 week program, and LOVED it! I was never hungry, enjoyed the variety of new menus and meals, and found it realistic and completely doable, even when traveling. I lost weight and body fat and feel more in control of my food choices. I highly recommend!!

Stuart M.

Friend Power is our secret ingredient! We do this together as a group to support, encourage, and cheer each other on. We’ll connect in our private Facebook group and on weekly group phone calls. Bring friends or make new ones!

Live Coaching from Experienced Nutritionists

Our coaches will be providing daily guidance through videos, emails, articles, and posts.
They’ll be available to answer questions and support you every step of the way. 

Anne Danahy

Anne Danahy, MS RDN is a registered dietitian nutritionist with more than twenty years of clinical, corporate wellness and community nutrition experience. Anne coaches individuals and groups on both disease management and prevention. Full bio

Lindsey Kane

Lindsey Kane, MS, RD, LDN is a registered dietitian and nutrition consultant. Lindsey coaches her clients through powerful transformations that optimize health, maximize potential, and create life-changing results. Full bio

by promoting and supporting all these healthy benefits — see the research!


Is this a special diet or a fast?

The Eat Well, Live Well program is a food-based program to help you jumpstart those changes in your diet you’ve been thinking about making, but haven’t been sure how or where to start. We promise it will not involve fasting or starving. In fact, you’ll probably eat more than usual, because the program will help you to flood your body with the right mix of nourishing foods. The program is designed to be flexible – we understand that there’s no one-size-fits all approach to healthy eating, so we’ll guide you and provide suggestions, but you can choose the foods you prefer.

Will I lose weight? What will I get out of it?

This program is designed to help you meet your individual wellness goals, whether that’s to lose weight, boost your energy level, improve your blood sugar or blood pressure, maintain your health as you age, or just feel better. You’ll learn through this program that food is medicine for both your body and your soul, and the changes you’ll make will make you a better version of yourself.

We’ll give you the tools you need to eat better, and make positive changes in your health, and you’ll join an amazing and supportive community, but you’re in the driver’s seat, so you can take it wherever you want to go! Graduates of the Eat Well, Live Well program tell us they love the improvements they’ve made in their weight and health, just as much as they love the recipes, cooking tips, and supportive friendships they made along the journey.

How does it work logistically? What's the program format?

We’re especially proud of our multi-faceted supportive program – it’s what really sets us apart! There’s no need to attend weekly meetings or wait until your next nutrition appointment. You’ll have convenient access to your registered dietitian coaches in your home via videos and phone sessions, so you can check in live, or listen to the recorded sessions whenever you like. You’ll also have a private portal to access all your educational materials, helpful videos, shopping lists, recipes, and more, and your coach will be just an email click away if you have any specific questions or concerns. It’s like having your own private nutritionist, right at home with you, but without the hassle of insurance forms, or out of pocket payments, which average about $150 per hour for a consult with a registered dietitian.

Most importantly, you’ll get 24/7 access to a supportive community via a private Facebook group. If you’ve ever tried to make diet and health changes on your own, you’ll appreciate this supportive community. We’ll work together as a group, from beginning to end, to purify, nourish, and balance our bodies. It’s a wonderful opportunity to share successes or struggles, learn from and motivate each other, and even swap new recipes and dinner ideas. Having that kind of support increases everyone’s chance of success tremendously.

Will I have to cook?

Yes! Cooking your own meals is the best way to ensure you’re putting real food into your body. Don’t worry though – it will be fun (we’ll laugh along the way), and we promise it will be easy. We get that life is busy, and time is short, so we’ll share lots of time-saving tips and easy-to prepare meals and snacks that you and everyone in your house will enjoy. We’ll provide you with easy recipes and meal plans that you can make with a wide variety of foods that you’re already familiar with, but also many new ones that we hope you’ll love. You’ll be eating lots of plant-based foods, but you’ll also be able to add in lean proteins and whole grains as you like. We also have you covered with a line of delicious, organic soups that you can order if you like, to have on hand for those meals you don’t want to cook.

For more, see Is this right for me?

Thank You!

  • Thank you for telling me to empty my cabinets – out of site, almost out of mind.
  • Thank you for the daily contact – it helps keep me accountable.
  • Thank you for educating me as to the “why” – it is easier for me to “buy in”.
  • Thank you for the little no pressure contests.  
  • Thank you for giving me access to full time dietitians – I feel comforted whether I use them or not. 
  • Thank you for the length of the program – it gives me a sense of routine and has become incorporated into my daily schedule.
  • Thank you for opening up the possibility that eating healthy doesn’t have to be difficult and that my family benefits from my change of behavior.
Lauren S. / April 2017



  • Receive daily guidance through videos, emails, articles, and posts
  • Easily find all the materials and resources in your program dashboard  


  • Ask your nutrition coaches questions anytime via email, Facebook, or during weekly group calls
  • Listen to call recordings if you can’t join live


  • Join supportive, private Facebook group where all members start and end the experience together
  • Share tips, strategies, challenges, inspiration, and laughs


  • Choose from dozens of easy, delicious, healthy recipes
  • View recipes online, on your mobile phone, or print


  • Get inspired by our sample meal plans or customize your own
  • Arrange recipes by day and meal


  • Automatically convert meal plans or recipes into shopping lists
  • Print or view on mobile phone, checking off items while you shop