Have you ever wanted to press the reset switch on your diet and lifestyle, so you can eat better, restore your health, feel more vibrant, and enjoy all that life has to offer? If so, you’re in good company! Lightwell Health has designed the Eat Well, Live Well program to give you the tools and inspiration you need to jumpstart the changes you’ve been wanting to make in your health, all in a supportive, team-based environment.

We believe that everyone deserves a fresh start. We also think living better starts with eating better, so our program is based on real, whole foods, not fads, and it helps you to make practical lifestyle changes you can maintain. What makes us different, is the power of our ever-expanding community of awesome people just like you. We’re all here to share, support, motivate, and encourage each other, and we’d love if it you joined us. We know you have questions, so here are some answers. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, please contact us!

Is it a special diet, or a fast?

The Eat Well, Live Well program is a food-based program to help you jumpstart those changes in your diet you’ve been thinking about making, but haven’t been sure how or where to start. We promise it will not involve fasting or starving. In fact, you’ll probably eat more than usual, because the program will help you to flood your body with the right mix of nourishing foods. This is a flexible program – we understand that there’s no one-size-fits all approach to healthy eating, so we’ll guide you and provide suggestions, but you can choose the foods you prefer.

So, is this program for weight loss – what will I get out of it?

This program is designed to help you meet your individual wellness goals, whether that’s to lose weight, boost your energy level, improve your blood sugar or blood pressure, maintain your health as you age, or just feel better. You’ll learn through this program that food is medicine for both your body and your soul, and the changes you’ll make will make you a better version of yourself.

We’ll give you the tools you need to eat better, and make positive changes in your health, and you’ll join an amazing and supportive community, but you’re in the driver’s seat, so you can take it wherever you want to go! Graduates of the Eat Well, Live Well program tell us they love the improvements they’ve made in their weight and health, just as much as they love the recipes, cooking tips, and supportive friendships they made along the journey.

Why 3 weeks?

Learning to make changes takes time. In fact, research shows that it takes about 3 weeks to form a new habit. Plus, there’s lots to learn! You’ll work with our team of health coaches and registered dietitians to learn how to reset your diet and reboot your health. The program is a 3-week, step-by-step process designed to help you break habits that may be counter-productive to your health, and gradually build on new health-promoting changes that you can sustain for a lifetime. You’ll learn lots about nutrition and healthy eating, and even more about how to incorporate that information into your own lifestyle.

Will I have to cook?

Yes! Cooking your own meals is the best way to ensure you’re putting real food into your body. Don’t worry though – it will be fun (we’ll laugh along the way), and we promise it will be easy. We get that life is busy, and time is short, so we’ll share lots of time-saving tips and easy-to prepare meals and snacks that you and everyone in your house will enjoy. We’ll provide you with easy recipes and meal plans that you can make with a wide variety of foods that you’re already familiar with, but also many new ones that we hope you’ll love. You’ll be eating lots of plant-based foods, but you’ll also be able to add in lean proteins and whole grains as you like. We also have you covered with a line of delicious, organic soups that you can order if you like, to have on hand for those meals you don’t want to cook.

What is the format of the program? How will I get the support I need?

We’re especially proud of our multi-faceted supportive program – it’s what really sets us apart! There’s no need to attend weekly meetings or wait until your next nutrition appointment. You’ll have convenient access to your registered dietitian coaches in your home via videos and phone sessions, so you can check in live, or listen to the recorded sessions whenever you like. You’ll also have a private portal to access all your educational materials, helpful videos, shopping lists, recipes, and more, and your coach will be just an email click away if you have any specific questions or concerns. It’s like having your own private nutritionist, right at home with you, but without the hassle of insurance forms, or out of pocket payments, which average about $150 per hour for a consult with a registered dietitian.

Most importantly, you’ll get 24/7 access to the entire Lightwell Health 21-Day Eat Well, Live Well community via a private Facebook group. If you’ve ever tried to make diet and health changes on your own, you’ll appreciate this supportive community. We’ll work together as a group, from beginning to end, to purify, nourish, and balance our bodies. It’s a wonderful opportunity to share successes or struggles, learn from and motivate each other, and even swap new recipes and dinner ideas. Having that kind of support increases everyone’s chance of success tremendously.

It sounds like fun and something I really need! How do I get started?

Congratulations for taking a big step toward improving your health, and nurturing yourself. You deserve this. We’ll hold a spot for you, and feel free to invite a friend along too. Just click on the “Reserve Your Spot” button to sign up for our next session. We always recommend checking with your doctor if you have any health conditions, or take any medications, before you get started. We can’t wait to meet you!